RC Scale Sailplane Kit Builders Photo Gallery

1/4 Scale (4,2m) Scheibe Bergfalke Mü13 E
Builder, Thompson Smith

1:10 Scale (1,6m) Schleicher ASK-13
Builder, Thompson Smith

If you are interested in having your scale sailplane project photos in a featured galley for builders reference, please contact us.

Scale Sailplane Kits by marcslasershop.com offers laser cut wood short kits in 1:3, 1:3.5 and 1:4 scale from top scale sailplane glider enthusiast and designer, Chris Williams. We also offer select kits from scale designers John Watkins, Jim Owen and David Smith. Sailplane laser kits offered, more coming soon! Schleicher ASK-13, 1/10 Scale Scheibe - Loravia SF-27 Topaze, 1/3.5 scale Scheibe - Bergfalke Mü 13 E, 1/4 scale Schweizer 2-32 short kit, 1/4 scale Schempp-Hirth Minimoa, 1/3.5 scale Slingsby Type 13 Petrel, 1/3.5 scale Slingsby T21, 1/4 and 1/3.5 scale Slingsby T-31, 1/3.5 scale Slingsby Skylark 3b, 1/4 scale Hall Cherokee, 1/3 scale Laser Cut Sailplanes: Where plans are supplied by distributors such as Traplet, we insist that you purchase the plan from them, it would be unethical of us to supply these plans directly. Laser Cutting Services: We specialize in custom laser cutting for Radio Controlled Sailplanes, If you have a plan you wish to build, but want to take out all the time and work of cutting the parts, we can help. Our Aim: To produce cost effective wood parts for plans that are already available, while developing our own plans and helping other like minded designers with theirs.